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Christine Day Green I want to see this

Well it looks like Barnet Council have done it again. Rather than engage with traders and residents they have today advised that they are going to introduce a new pedestrian one way system on the high street to ensure covid safety. This is an expensive hammer to crack a simple nut. Assuming we really do need a zone why cant you simply require people to wear a mask and forget the barriers? Simple and cheap solution. Views welcome.

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Why is everyone up in arms about masks? That’s not happening, even the council post above says it’s not happening and the pavement will be two way, I’m guessing it will just be a keep to the left rule and I’m sure you will be able to enter and exit shops from both directions.

Won’t work people will ignore it

Walking in the High street observed very few people actually using the extra bits of cordoned off pavement/road - comment from my son ‘ oh I keep thinking that bit is roadworks!’ Very true -everything is very confusing

Hello everyone. We have a duty to do our best to protect the health of people in the area, and we hope you can understand that. We expect little or no impact to the businesses and visitors to the High Street, but safety will be enhanced. We will not be making the pavement one-way. But there will be a two-way pedestrian system to ensure social distancing. We have no ability to put in place and police a local mask requirement, so unfortunately this suggestion would not work.

It’s outdoors, the risk is incredibly low. I would object more, however, to your proposal to wear a mask outdoors in the High Street. That will do even more damage to trading than one way pavements which will be ignored anyway.

I really find that the council are unable to do joined up thinking at all. Proposal to close the High Street (thankfully now not happening) and proposed road works by Affinity water from Sept 20 to Dec 2021, which would have increased the chaos of the High Street if it had been closed, really shows that the people at the council do not talk to each other (no surprise there then) Now a plan to walk one way only, so elderly and people with disabilities may find this challenging and exhausting especially if they then forced to wear mask whilst walking outside outside!!!! Wtf I will be writing again to the councillors and our MP to be sensible about this extreme ideas

What a lot of nonsense. Masks outdoors indeed, what would this achieve and how would this be enforced? Are we no longer allowed to exercise common sense? Use your time to think about how to generate more interest in the High Street rather than dreaming up unenforceable schemes. And as for Barnet Council.........🙄 Enough said

This is a joke and a total waste of our council tax. Writing to MP tomorrow. I’m also sure Barnet residents won’t forget this and your previous idea to pedestrianise Barnet hugh Street at the local elections. You really don’t know how to help yourselves do you.

Barnet council this is ridiculous. How Will this work in reality. how is walking one way on one side of the road only and wearing a 75p paper mask going to save me or anyone else from getting the worst virus our generation has seen?

Bloody ridiculous like Barnet Council if I park in Moxon street I have one hour to get what I need doing I haven't time to piss about with a one way system for pedestrians.

How utterly ridiculous at the end of the ‘crisis’ is being out in fresh air now dangerous too?

Masks and one way pavements ? The only "views" you'll get will be of an empty high street

Both ideas are stupid ! I will not be wearing a mask in the fresh air

What a load of b's

Oh !

I agree that Council's idea is a bad one. Masks in street are a bad idea as well, for two reasons: 1. The wearing of masks does not prevent all transmission of the virus, and so does not obviate the need for social distancing. So the imposition of compulsory masks in the street would make no difference in this context. 2. Government has not recommended or mandated the wearing of masks when walking in the street. It is for government and chief medical officers to advise me what to do, and to instruct me as to what I am obliged to do. I do not want or need advice or instructions from anyone else.

"ensure covid safety"....hmmm....I think that might be a slightly ambitious statement. Most people have a brain and can manage to walk round other people in the high street. The people who aren't following the guidelines and almost bump into you will take no extra care if there are signs on the pavement suggesting where they should walk. Hampstead Garden Suburb and Golders Green both have huge expanses of pavement, yet they lead the league table of cases in Barnet. What are you doing there? has all the details.

For those who don't click the link to the Barnet Covid dashboard.... Since 01 July (report prepared 17 August) All cases....178 Cases in care settings ....11 Deaths in care settings....0 All deaths....3 As we now know that someone can test positive for Covid 19, recover (or have no symptoms), then get run over by the 263 bus....and still count as a Covid 19 death....would Barnet Council please answer the following: Does "all cases" mean tested positive, or in hospital sick with Covid 19? Did the three people who sadly died in the London Borough of Barnet in the last 48 days with Covid 19 actually die OF Covid 19? Were there any deaths on the Borough's roads between 01 July and 17 August? Were there any murders in the borough between 01 July and 17 August? How much difference, as a percentage of reduction in deaths per 48 days will marking the pavement with suggested walking routes make? Is this a government initiative or a local council initiative? Finally, and we are all council tax payers and voters, to effectively your employers.... How much money will the scheme cost the council... a. for Barnet High Street b. for the whole borough I'm sure our high street hasn't been singled out for this scheme. I look forward to hearing from you.

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