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Update on Barnet Society (12/02/2024):

We are delighted to share information regarding an upcoming event, ‘Beating the Bounds’, which we are organising for the 6th May this year.
We envisage ‘Beating the Bounds Barnet 2024’ to be a collective walk, lasting approximately three hours. The historical walk is a custom dating back to the ninth century, in which members of a given parish walk their parish boundaries and tap boundary posts with willow wands to check that they remain intact and to teach younger members of the community about where each parish’s limits lie.
In 2024, the event remains important as a historical ceremony (last held in this parish in 1995- almost thirty years ago now!) and as a way to bring people together to learn about Barnet’s rich history.
For any enquiries, please email and we would be glad to give any further information.

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